Thursday, 26 March 2015

Professional key items that work always, anywhere, anytime

There are certain pieces you can never go wrong with, whatever the occassion. These three pieces will get you anywhere and instantly make you look sophisticated and ready for the job.

1. A blazer in a neutral colour
is a great investment because of its versatility. In order to achieve that mature and stylish look, go for a cut that is sharp without any frills that distract from the great fit it has.
LK Bennett Jessa Jacket
2. A great bag can instantly lift any outfit and exude a sense of professional independence. A bag basically says 'I am on my way to achieve my goals'. A good work bag is sturdy and won't show any signs of damage if maintained properly and should be large enough for documents and a laptop. If you tend to wear a lot of colour, choose a bag in a neutral colour. If you tend to shy away from colour in your outfit, go instead for a bag that has a colour other than your work wear, such as burgundy or emerald green.

                                         Radley London multiway leather shoulder bag

3. A pencil skirt is your best friend in times of lots and lots of job interviews. They look great, feminine and smart on any body type and are easy to iron and maintain.

H&M beige pencil skirt

If you are not comfortable in skirts, consider a pair of trousers instead. The secret to pulling off a pair of trousers are the pockets as they can hugely influence and alter the shape of your butt.

H&M Beige trousers

Have a great day and have fun shopping!

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