Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wardrobe Staple Piece Alert - The Obi Wrap Top

ASOS Obi Wrap Top with Poppy Print

The kimono top is all about looking chic and classy this season, which makes it a great staple piece for your business wardrobe. The sleeves are straight and the accent is on the waist for a modern and sleek silouette. It is a wonderful piece to wear  to workon a warm day; the big sleeves are keeping it all cool. Pick a style that fits your personality best, and combine it with your favorite pair of trousers or a straight skirt.   

MICHAEL Michael Korts Striped Wrap Top
Floral prints soften the straight cut of the kimono top and add a feminine touch. Stripes and solid colours on the other hand achieve a mature and classic look. Cottons and linnens are very elegant materials for this type of top, but may not be entirely appropriate for that one important business meeting. The more delicate the material, the more dressed up it looks. 


Zara Blouse with Belt and Kimono Sleeve

The kimono top is a versatile, classic, and feminine staple piece for the business wardrobe. A more basic wrap top is easily changed with a belt in a style that suits the occasion. Have fun with it!


Easter Treat - Buttery Cookie Crumb Cake

Stroopwafels, or syrup waffles are a sweet, crisp treat and are extremely popular in the Netherlands. The sugar in the middle of the two little waffles is even more delicious when heated. The crispy crumbles look (and taste) great as decoration on ice cream, and cakes. This recipe combines the basis of a layer cake mixed with stroopwafels crumbles; easy to make, done in no time and looks perfect on the Easter brunch table because of the buttery yellow with the caramel-crispy stroopwafel crumbles.

::4 Eggs
:: 4 - 5 stroopwafels
:: 200 gr butter
:: Cake baking mix
It is a matter of mixing all the ingredients thoroughly to get a fluffy mix, then baking it in the oven for approximately an hour around 160 Celcius degrees.

I sure do not mind cleaning up whatever is left ;) 

Monday, 30 March 2015

A Professional Look in Five Steps

1. Colours grab the attention 

An outfit that is built on a striking colour catches attention for the right reasons at the office floor. Choose colours that fit your complexion and that make you feel comfortable. There is not a right or wrong colour as what looks best on you highly depends on your hair, skin, and eye colour. Great colours for a strong and elegant look are jewel colours in blues, reds, and greens. Combine them with neutrals for a killer look.

2. Your business bag is your best mate 

Whatever the season, weather, and distance you have to commute to work; it is unlikely that you can do without a spacious bag. Business bags are not the cheapest if the material is of high quality, but are lifesavers as they instantly upgrade any outfit. Also, you will not feel the urge to switch bags on a daily basis (and find out that your wallet has been left in your other bag!) if you have one great bag to rely upon. Read more here about choosing your perfect bag.

3. Choose luxurious(-looking) materials 

An item which is of high quality material adds to a personal look without a lot of effort. Avoid materials with stretch and synthetic materials that do not breathe. Wool, cottons found at the better retailers, linnen and chiffon are all wonderful.

4. Jewelry and accessories are a do 

It is fun to accessorize your outfit! Personalize your look to keep things interesting. In my opinion, pretty much anything goes when it comes to accessories if you keep this in mind:
1. Wear a maximum of three to four pieces of jewelry.
2. Go crazy with colours, but not with size when it comes to jewelry. Smaller and delicate is the look to go.
3. Consider what kind of message certain symbols, such as skulls, may send to your clients and/or co workers.

5. Solidify your look with statement pieces
The aim by dressing professionally is not that people remember you for how you dress, but for who you are. However, statement pieces are pieces that can be described as 'you' and are a recurring basic in your daily outfits. Statement pieces do not have to be big and flashy, but are pieces that catch the essence of you. It can be a material, accessory, or a certain clothing item which makes you feel great.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Business wear - LK Bennett Graphic Floral Shift Dress

It is a lot of fun to suddenly find an unusual combination of items that make a great outfit together.
For instance, the H&M belt I bought this weekend adds a warm touch to the cool graphic floral print of this gorgeous LK Bennett shift dress. Combine it with a trench, blazer, heels in a neutral colour, your favorite work bag and the monday morning rush hour is looking a lot brighter all of a sudden.
The LK Bennett shift is available also in a more romantic colour combination in blues and pinks.

 Zara Camel Cotton Trenchcoat                                    LK Bennett Hannah Printed Shift Dress

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Love, Lotte 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Royal Wardrobe Copies - Queen Letizia's floral Mango top and Kate's Wedges

It is still raining here, but that did not stop me from going into town. My original plan was buying groceries for a cake I will be baking tomorrow, but I ended up at the local H&M store where I bought this cute little belt. Outfit pictures coming soon!
 H&M skinny belt in patterned beige dessin  

At the H&M, my eyes fell on these two items that look as if they come straight out of a royal wardrobe. Kate Middleton's Stuart Weitzman's cork wedges are one of her trademark pieces, and these H&M wedges are a great Replikate.

H&M Faux Suede Open Toe Wedges in Black and Nude

Another royal who has a very polished and clean style is Queen Letizia from Spain. She is always bold in her choice of patterns, and the Mango top in the picture below on the left is no exception to the rule. The top is in stock only at John Lewis' online store and ships to the UK only. This top from the H&M Spring/Summer collection is a great copy.

Left: Queen Letizia in a Mango floral patterned top. Right: H&M floral top

Friday, 27 March 2015

Summer chic - transform the rainy streets into your boulevard

I am longing to warm summer evenings as it has been raining non stop around Utrecht these days. These items in particular make me dream of a summer in Monaco like Grace Kelly. Enjoy!

1. Three words to describe cat eye sunglasses: timeless, classic, and sexy.

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses
2. A favorite of Kate Middleton, the LK Bennett raffia clutch is a true statement piece due to its unusal combination of material and shape.
LK Bennett Raffia Natalie Clutch

3. Minimalist, ethnic, and another favorite of the Duchess. These earrings work for her public engagements out and about, but will also be a welcome addition to any summer wardrobe.

Mirabelle Gold Plated Hoop Earrings
Happy weekend everybody! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Professional key items that work always, anywhere, anytime

There are certain pieces you can never go wrong with, whatever the occassion. These three pieces will get you anywhere and instantly make you look sophisticated and ready for the job.

1. A blazer in a neutral colour
is a great investment because of its versatility. In order to achieve that mature and stylish look, go for a cut that is sharp without any frills that distract from the great fit it has.
LK Bennett Jessa Jacket
2. A great bag can instantly lift any outfit and exude a sense of professional independence. A bag basically says 'I am on my way to achieve my goals'. A good work bag is sturdy and won't show any signs of damage if maintained properly and should be large enough for documents and a laptop. If you tend to wear a lot of colour, choose a bag in a neutral colour. If you tend to shy away from colour in your outfit, go instead for a bag that has a colour other than your work wear, such as burgundy or emerald green.

                                         Radley London multiway leather shoulder bag

3. A pencil skirt is your best friend in times of lots and lots of job interviews. They look great, feminine and smart on any body type and are easy to iron and maintain.

H&M beige pencil skirt

If you are not comfortable in skirts, consider a pair of trousers instead. The secret to pulling off a pair of trousers are the pockets as they can hugely influence and alter the shape of your butt.

H&M Beige trousers

Have a great day and have fun shopping!