Monday, 11 April 2016

As seen on Kate in India - Amrapali earrings UPDATE: Copy Goad Earrings

Kate looked stunning at the gala in the Taj Mahal ball room yesterday night. Her stunning sapphire blue dress was complemented with a pair of earrings by Indian jeweler Amrapali. I love that Kate and her team do their research and put local brands in the spot light, and today I want to do the same. So what is the story behind Amrapali?

Amrapali earrings that closely resemble Kate's

Amrapali Jewels was founded in 1978 Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera in Jaipur. The brand specializes in gem stone jewelry in local, and tribal designs. The brand became known to the public with the opening of a sales point at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai: 

'This was a critical point in the history of the Amrapali Jewels, as The Oberoi presented Amrapali Jewels with a platform that was almost global in context, as it was right in the middle of India's financial hub – Mumbai. The Oberoi not only housed the crème dela crème of Indian society, but also international delegates and foreign visitors that really took a liking to this handcrafted technique of jewelry making, and its unique tribal jewelry that was presented in a contemporary manner. This gave Amrapali Jewels a global identity that propelled the company into the limelight of international recognition.'

From that point onwards, the brand has been expanding with stores all over the world. They ship to 22 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the brand  is present in  the UK, US, Spain, Sri Lanka, China & Nigeria. Amrapali has its own store in London at Beauchamp place, and the jewelry is available at Harrods. 

As I am writing this, I am not able to access the main site. The branch site, Tribe by Amrapali, is up though.

UPDATE: I have found a wonderful Copykate for the Goad Cassandra earrings, which we have seen numerous times during the tour. 

Left: Amrapali Gold Plated Flame Earrings, USD 11,
Right: Cassandra Temple of Heaven Earrings, GBP 1495,-

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